Thursday, June 21, 2007

Aren't they pretty?

I love my window boxes.
Technically they're not mine, but I designed them, I planted them, and I care for them. Need I say more?
A newly planted container looks a little bit like a new hair cut. The general shape might be good, but it's a little awkward, a little small/short, and you have to understand how it will grow in. Clients can't always see potential. They don't know how big the plants will get, how they'll knit together, how the colors will compliment each other, how the shapes will contrast. But I do. This year when I put the plants together I literally did a little dance of happiness (think quarterback in the end zone); the colors were gorgeous and I just knew they'd be fabulous in a few weeks. Still, things can happen: someone forgets to water, it rains too much, aphids find the impatiens, slugs find the begonias.
This year, so far, all is well (knock on wood) and both the sunny window boxes and the shady backyard planters look amazing. My client finally sees what I saw weeks ago.


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