Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crete: day 6

At last, a day of rest and relaxation.

We hobbled downstairs for breakfast with Koko, a 20-year-old African Gray, and the mascot of the Hotel Daskalogiannis.

Then, feeling we had earned some beach time, we rented an umbrella and chaises for the day. Greek beaches are mostly pebble-y. Some people find it difficult on the feet but I appreciate the lack of sand. The drop off here was fast and deep, and the water was deceptively clear.

Our manly men treaded water,

while we read and drank and ate potato chips.

The most difficult task of the day: deciding where to have lunch.

Wherever we ate in Crete, there were cats. Patient cats. Cats who were grateful for a skrid of rabbit or a piece of pork. Cats who have by now probably boarded that last ferry for Sfakia where they'll spend the winter in warmth and comfort.

And in the golden light of evening...

we discussed where to eat dinner.

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At October 27, 2010 at 12:05 PM , Blogger Sara said...

How gorgeous - you can see the lateness of the season in the light. I bet you appreciated every moment of your rest day a little extra, after the grueling downhill hike. (And as I recall, what goes down must come back up, in the reverse grueling hike... staying tuned for that post, and sending you retroactive sympathy.)


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