Sunday, December 30, 2012

going radio silent

The sky in Santa Fe this morning is uncharacteristically gray.  I can't see a speck of blue through the clouds and I'm pretty sure that means more snow is coming.  Which is fine with us because we're heading out on a winter adventure.

Tomorrow we drive north to Chama, where Rita and Jim will teach us to cross country ski.  Then we move on to the Spruce Hole Yurt for three days of clean snow, dark nights, heat from a wood stove, and no cell service.  I've got my new, lightweight tripod, a Kindle full of books, and a few ideas I want to write about.

Is it only me, or does that sound like heaven?

We'll be back in touch on the 5th.  Pictures to follow.


At January 1, 2013 at 11:57 AM , Anonymous Mark said...

Beautiful posts these last two. I love winter walks and the quiet joys they offer, especially when the light is so brief and precious.

I hope you are enjoying complete immersion in the wild via skis and yurt. You inspire me to pull on m boots and set forth.

And I agree: there are no woods like the woods of home.

Happy New Year.


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